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Mr. Gianni Cortesi is the head of this department.

It is equipped with the following machinery:

  • a 250 tons IMV press
  • a 150 tons IMV press
  • two 90 tons IMV presses
  • two 60 tons IMV presses
  • a 40 tons IMV press
  • a 25 tons IMV press
  • three 25-150 kW CEA projection spot welders
  • a 4000 W AMADA laser cutting machine
  • three 2000 x 4 CNC AMADA bending machines
  • a 2000 x14 SCHIAVI shearing machine
  • a 24 punch CNC AMADA punching machine
  • five SINCO , CEA wire welders
  • a deburring plant
  • a sand blasting plant
  • a CNC GRAZIANO lathe
  • a vertical SIGMA CNC working center
  • radial drills
  • waterjet 3D


The head of this department is Mr. Luca Rota.

This department is equipped with 2D and 3D CAD/CAM.

This area is climatized and it is equipped with the following machinaries:

  • a grinding machine for internal and external use
  • a DELTA tangential grinding machine
  • a CDM micro punching machine
  • a CDM wire elettroerosion with automatic
  • insertion
  • two drills
  • two RAMBAUDI universal drilling machines
  • a balance with Ø 100 screw
  • saw, shaping machine, grinding machine
  • bench tooling


The head of this department is Mr. Pietro Gaddi.

This department too is a climatized and controlled area and it is equipped with machinaries that are periodically subjected to calibration by certified agencies.

  • a 3D CNC MYTUTOYO meter
  • a digital GALILEO durometer
  • a MYTUTOYO profile projector
  • a TRIMOS digital alteimeter
  • a UMA digital dividing head
  • a laser preset for tools
  • a granite surface plate
  • a set of go/no go threader pads
  • a set of go/no go plane pads
  • a set of female go/no go threader pads
  • a set of female go/no go plane pads
  • internal and external micrometers
  • comparators
  • digital gauges


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CNC production

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Welding production

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Laser marking production


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